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Varsity Coach: Eric Hisaw
JV Coach: David Thompson
2018 Fall Football FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Jun 20, 2018 9:26 AM

Q: When does registration open on FamilyID for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Registration begins Wednesday, August 1 2018

Q: Do I need to register for the FALL 2018 season on FamilyID prior to the first practice?

A: Yes. You will not be allowed to participate until you have PAID your ASB membership, and been approved on FamilyID. Cut off to register and be eligible for first practice is THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 2018.

Q: If I already registered for a summer program on FamilyID, do I need to register again for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Yes. Summer registration is separate and does not count as registration for the FALL 2018 season.

Q: How do I register for the FALL 2018 season on FamilyID?

A: A parent/guardian can register by using this link: https://www.familyid.com/walla-walla-high-school

If you have signed up for a sport since spring of 2015 use the email and password you have already set up, and use the drop-down list in the participant section- your information will fill in for you. Just update numbers, etc., and sign agreements- then submit on the second page.

Q. Is there a fee for FALL 2018 Sports?

A. Only a small one; your yearly ASB fee of $10. Payment may be made at intouch.wwps.org or in person at the ASB office (not on FamilyID). Your registration will not be approved until payment is complete. You must also pay any athletic fines you have from the past if applicable.

Q: If I didn’t participate in Summer Football, is there gear check-out for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Yes, gear check out for all is Tuesday, August 14 from 6-7 pm upstairs in the small gym.

Q: When is the first practice for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Wednesday, August 15th from 4-7pm.

Q: Where is the first practice for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Meet on the practice field south of the Tennis Courts.

Q: What do I need to bring to the first day of practice?

A: Bring mouth guard, cleats, shorts (black only), girdle, helmet and practice jersey. Make sure to also bring any equipment needed for your individual medical needs (ex: inhaler and EpiPen) and water.

Q: When are tryouts for the FALL 2018 season?

A: Practice starts day one- Football does not cut anyone, everyone is part of the team family.

Q: What is HUDL?

A: HUDL is a fantastic way to spread information and watch games. It provides one-way communication from coaches to athletes. Parents may also request an account.

Q: How do I get a HUDL account?

A: Contact Coach Hisaw (ehisaw@wwps.org), your account is free.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact Eric Hisaw at EHisaw@wwps.org

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